What is a Chapter?

Chapters serve to connect the broader membership with each other and with the activities of SAARMSTE more generally.  Chapters provide local activities in the different countries and provinces thereby encouraging members to share research and local concerns on an ongoing basis.  Chapters can be formed in any country or province in the Southern African region. This strategy is aimed at encouraging and motivating members within reach of each other to work together to further the objectives of the Association.



As a chapter, support and encouragement in carrying out research is paramount.

Paper Presentations

Attendance at SAARMSTE conferences is encouraged through paper presentations.


Chapters enjoy legal standing in the country of their origin which in turn allows for effective fundraising.

Setting up a Chapter

To form a SAARMSTE Chapter, the requirement is for a group of MSTE personnel within Southern Africa, (country or province), who are interested in pursuing research in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education (MSTE) and in forming a core group towards a SAARMSTE Chapter. The group is organized into a formal association with legal status within the relevant country. This means that a ratified Chapter will need to have:

  • a name
  • a Constitution, and
  • be registered according to the legislation in the respective country.

Once the chapter starts to form, i.e. an Emerging Chapter, the Chair, or appointed leader of the group should apply to the SAARMSTE Executive Committee for recognition as a SAARMSTE chapter by sending:

  • An application letter to SAARMSTE Executive Committee.  
  • A draft Constitution that should be aligned to the main body Constitution.
  • For details of the Constitution: contact the Association Secretariat at the following email address: saarmste@gmail.com 

Chapter Membership

Members of the Chapter Committee must be paid up members of SAARMSTE.

Chapter Representative Support

There are two Chapter Representatives on the SAARMSTE Executive Committee at any given time. 

These representatives are voted in by the members at the Annual General Meeting held prior to the Annual Conference and are there to assist the Chapters in any way they can, be it: 

  • helping to set-up a Chapter
  • responding to queries and/or concerns from a Chapter
  • keeping in touch and encourage all Chapters to keep going,
  • advising on possible activities through the year and
  • assisting in solving problems in generally running a Chapter once it is set up.


Contact details can be found through the Association Secretariat

Existing & Emerging Chapter Bodies

South Africa

Eastern Cape

North West

Western Cape


KwaZulu Natal South

Other Countries








Emerging Chapters

University of South Africa (UNISA)